Management Team

George Huggins – Director of Operations

George started with Toronto Terminals Railway in 1983 and has the distinction of having worked for TTR his entire career. He began working inside Toronto’s Union Station in the facilities management department and took every opportunity offered to advance himself. From there George moved to the track department, and eventually shifted into the operations department to work as a Train Movement Director (TMD). As a member of the operations team, he worked hard to ensure the Company’s on time performance (OTP) metric, was maintained at a steady 99% rating over the years.

George has gained extensive management experience since that time where he worked as one of the key members of the team leading numerous construction projects designed to bring Union Station up to standards. His demonstrated successes include bringing closer together the three main departments of Toronto Terminals Railway (Track, Signals and Operations) in a unified effort while maintaining the Company’s targeted OTP.

George’s education includes an Electronic Engineering certificate from Devry Institute of Technology and more recently a Leadership Essentials course at the University of Toronto. George loves spending time with family and friend as well as hockey, golf and lacrosse; most of all he loves camping in the great Canadian outdoors.

Jason Pushee – Manager of Track

Jason Pushee joined the Toronto Terminals Railway in July 2006 as a Track Maintainer after completing a three year journalism program at Humber College. Jason utilized his strong work ethic and ability to learn quickly to move up within the Company and has subsequently held many positions including Construction Foreman, Supervisor of Track Construction and Supervisor of Safety & Compliance. His work within these roles provides him with a unique and thorough understanding of the Operations as a whole. In January 2013 Jason took on the role of Assistant Manager of Track and two months later was named Manager of Track.

Jason has consulted on many projects within the USRC including overseeing the DSS Project from initial planning to completion. He has visited TTR’s Delta Port Operation to consult on construction and review maintenance practices and compliance. Jason’s easygoing nature has allowed him to build strong working relationships with his Supervisors and track personnel as well as TTR’s clients.

Cliff Mgwisi – Manager of Signals and Communications

Lou Internicola – Senior Signals Subject Matter Expert

Lorenzo (Lou) Internicola has provided TTR with his outstanding skills for more than 30-years. Lou started at TTR as a Signal Maintainer and worked meticulously on his tasks, surpassing all expectations; out of many, he was one of the few who built, installed, tested and properly maintained the computer interlocking system at John Street Tower in the late 1980’s.

Lou has been instrumental in successfully directing signals & communications projects operations within TTR across the USRC and beyond. From supervisor to manager of signals & communications department, Lou recently received the honorary title of Subject Matter Expert and is chaperoning the S&C team.

With his completed electrician’s technology course at Centennial College in hand, Lou began working at a leading communications company fresh out of college; there he received excellent hands-on electrical/electronic skills before joining TTR.

Lifelong learning is critical to Lou as he continually upgrades and updates in knowledge by participating in technical seminars and workshops on railway signalling technologies.

Joseph Adamo– Manager of Operations

Ben Gusz– Manager of Asset Management

Ben Gusz is responsible for all incoming/outgoing train operations within the USRC for TTR. As a key member of the management team, he brings strategic and operational leadership to the company’s rail traffic controlling capabilities, including the busy line of the Toronto Union-Pearson express train (every 15-minutes from downtown Toronto to Canada’s busiest airport).

While Ben joined TTR in 2002 fresh out of college, he also has the distinction of having worked for TTR his entire young career so far. Throughout the years, his observation of daily railway movement activities performed by his peers has led him to suggest important improvements to the company’s existing processes; he was soon recognized by upper management for being resourceful as he helped TTR employees perform their duties more efficiently.

Ben’s determination allowed him to successfully achieve and maintain all required railway qualifications; he now manages a diversified team of 30-employees who ensure the safe and on time movements of trains throughout the USRC. His practical operating experience while working with job-specific constraints has led him to contribute plentifully to the company and become the recognizable team leader he is now.

Ben’s technical and business acumen is rooted in his college education; his self-taught programming skills have allowed him to oversee dedicated events in the computer/electronics/technology industries.

Shannon Friedrich– Manager of Employee Relations

David Chow – Senior Manager of Finance & Administration

David joined TTR in early 2018 as a senior finance consultant. He is responsible for all financial reporting and analysis functions, including cash flow, financial systems, internal controls, budget and forecast, as well as pension, risk and insurance management.

David has more than 20 years of financial management experience with much of it in senior leadership roles.

David holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from University of Toronto and is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) from the profession’s national body in Canada.