About TTR

The Toronto Terminals Railway Company Limited (TTR) was incorporated by the Canadian Parliament in 1906 as jointly owned by the Grand Trunk (later to be CN) and CP. As a result, we have more than 100 years of railway experience and knowledge making us a leader in the industry. Our company continues to evolve with the ever changing railway industry and we remain reliable & versatile to meet the needs of our customers.

In Ontario, TTR is responsible for the railway maintenance & operations in Toronto’s busy Union Station Rail Corridor (USRC). As the Certificate of Fitness holder for the USRC, TTR ensures the company meets Transport Canada, Metrolinx, and company requirements to move passenger trains safely, effectively and efficiently through Union Station.

TTR also manages the train marshalling operations in British Columbia at Deltaport’s global container terminal, one of Canada’s busiest intermodal yards on the West Coast under jurisdiction of the Port of Metro Vancouver.

TTR is jointly owned by Canadian National Railway (CN) and Canadian Pacific Railway (CP), allowing the company to benefit from the best practices and guidance of the two largest railways in Canada.

TTR specializes in various railway disciplines that work in unison to deliver the highest quality services to the railway industry. Our primary services include:

  • Track Maintenance & Construction
  • Signals & Communications Maintenance & Construction
  • Project Management & Construction Services
  • Level Crossing Installations & Maintenance
  • Flagging / Track Protection
  • Signals Testing & Commissioning Support
  • Railway Locates and infrastructure oversight in the USRC
  • Railway Training Services