Strachan Avenue Grade Separation

In order to facilitate the construction of the proposed Strachan Avenue Grade Separation, TTR provided engineering support, flagging protection and Track and Signal support for the enabling works which included switch removals, Snow Clearing Devices (SCD), gas main and SCADA (snow blower monitoring system) removals and the construction of track panels.  TTR was required to undertake a number of separate but related tasks which include, but are not limited to the following;

  • The removal of cables in existing troughs
  • The removal and relocation of signal heads and associated circuits from the Strachan Avenue signal bridge
  • The testing and commissioning of all affected track circuits
  • The preparation of testing and commissioning plans

The work activity was scheduled to support the USRC in getting prepared for the upcoming ARL. For the project, TTR was responsible for completing the following work tasks:

  • The removal of turnouts and associated track for crossovers
  • The removal of turnouts and associated track for single switches
  • The removal of Signals
  • The construction and installation of track panels to replace turnout removals
  • The installation of forged rail at the Strachan Avenue crossing
  • The removal of rail, ties and OTM from the project site and general clean up
  • The installation of track ties on the Galt North track to cover turnout removals
  • Signal work related to the temporary Galt South track connection across Strachan Avenue
  • Signal work related to the relocation of the Strachan Avenue crossing arms
  • Conduit installation and the reefeding of cable on the south side of corridor in preparation for retaining wall installation
  • Relocation of complete signal dusting components from north side to the south side of the rail corridor
  • Relocation of existing fibre optic cable and related CCTV equipment