USRC Maintenance Contract

Upon the sale of the USRC and Union Station to the GO Transit and the City of Toronto, TTR entered into a long term contract to maintain the entire track and signal assets of the USRC in order to keep trains moving safely and on-time. Since 2000, the TTR has grown its operations departments to accommodate the increased protection needed for the construction work on the USRC and has increased its track maintenance teams to accommodate the new tracks added within the corridor and the Don Yard.

TTR provides track and signal maintenance services in line with requirements established by Transport Canada based on engineering track standards. Following regular inspection of the track assets within the corridor, TTR completes the following work on a regular basis:

  • Grinding switches and frogs
  • Welding switch points, frogs, rail ends etc.
  • Changing rail and other components of double slip switches and single switch
  • Ensuring switches are adjusted
  • Changing ties and spot surfacing
  • Building and installing panels.
  • De-stressing rail
  • Ballast transport and dumping
  • Vegetation control
  • Graffiti removal
  • Debris removal
  • Rights of way fencing
  • Maintenance of railway signage
  • Emergency track repairs
  • Managing track geometry car projects to identify deviations in track
  • Managing all Rail flaw detector programs