Operations / Train Movement Directing

The operation of the USRC tracks and trains are vital to not only TTR personnel, but also to the many riders who depend on these trains to get to work each day. The operation of tracks maintained by TTR personnel is currently controlled through manual mechanical systems, but will be computerized over the course of the next several years.

The Train Movement Directors (TMDs) play an important role in the operation and function of trains in the USRC. All operating employees are certified in the Canadian Rail Operating Rules; providing TMDs with the appropriate knowledge to properly perform their duties. The TMD’s work to safely guide trains into the right tracks to and from Union Station, allowing for both the safe execution of construction projects and the timely arrival of passengers.

The TMDs work out of the three original towers, John St, Cherry St and Scott St controlling and directing over 4 miles of station platforms and 25.5 miles of circuited track and the trains that operate on them. The TMDs are also responsible for coordinating work blocks that allow for construction activities to safely operate on the tracks without the risk of interfering with train traffic.