Level Crossing Installations & Maintenance

All highway and grade level crossing maintenance is the responsibility of TTR, where the tracks are considered part of the USRC. TTR is responsible for inspecting, maintaining and operating:

  • The part of the road surface of the grade crossing that lies between the rails of each track, the part that lies outside the rails, up to the ends of the railway ties, and the elevation of the railway tracks in relation to the road
  • Sightlines along the railway right of way
  • Drainage along the railway right of way
  • Railway crossing signs
  • Grade crossing warning systems

TTR ensures all grade crossings have ample warning systems in place for passing automotive traffic. The protection systems found at each crossing includes gates, flashing lights and bells. To further ensure the safety of all personnel, TTR ensures all passing trains are equipped with audible horns, which must be sounded four times as the train approaches, and bright headlights for nighttime warning.