Train Marshalling

Train marshalling describes the train car order which is put together to make a train. Generally, if the train is longer there is more importance placed on the order of train cars; the placement of light cars in front of or between heavy ones can increase the risk of derailment.

TTR has recently expanded its train marshaling expertise to Deltaport in British Columbia. Deltaport is located in South West Vancouver, approximately 2 miles from the Washington State border. Deltaport is a jointly owned company by CN and CP, which was created to operate intermodal and coal trains. Deltaport operates 363 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The growth of the company and train traffic has been expanding quickly; in 2011 1.5 million containers passed through Deltaport with an expected 3% increase for 2012.

TTR is responsible for marshaling the trains once they enter the port and send them back out. TTR Deltaport employs around 30 employees; this includes locomotive conductors, supervisors and part time employees. This joint venture between Deltaport and TTR exemplifies the proficiency TTR maintains as a transportation company.