Project Management & Construction Services

In order to keep the tracks in pristine condition with the ever increasing volume of train traffic, managing railway construction and rehabilitation projects becomes a priority. TTR is responsible for project management and construction projects to maintain the USRC, and supervising construction being performed by outside companies hired by the City or GO Transit.

Construction projects are managed in conjunction with the TTR Project Management department and Manager of Track, and are approved by GO Project Management; when necessary projects are given a risk assessment from the Safety department. Construction on the tracks can vary from constructing new track, to derailment response and emergency repairs.

Other track construction activities can include:

  • Bridge construction, maintenance and inspections
  • In-track welding support gangs
  • Frog and switch welding
  • Thermite welding
  • Panelized turnout, crossover construction and installation
  • Mechanized rail, tie and surfacing production
  • Crane rails, historic sites and other specialty installations

Currently, METROLINX is in the process of renovating and rejuvenating the Train Shed and its related tracks. TTR has an proactive part in this construction plan, set to be completed in 2019/2020. The reconstruction of Union Station will include updated signals, track and an improved train shed over passenger platforms.