Signals & Communications Positions

Interested in a role in our Signals Department? Please take a look at the roles below to see where you may qualify.

Assistant Signal Maintainer/Mechanic

  • Assists a Signal Maintainer in his/her duties
  • Receives training in order to build into a Signal Maintainer position

Signal Maintainer / Mechanic 

  • Maintains several appliances that are used in the movement of trains throughout the USRC. The appliances include: switches, signals, track, relays, interlocker, cabling
  • Conducts several maintenance tests in order to maintain safety and reliability
  • Duties are governed by the TTR-General Instructions rules and regulations

Signal Technician

  • Maintains a system that is used to run train movement through the USRC
  • Tests relays and signal components

Signal Coordinator

  • Lead and direct other signal maintainers throughout the project scope
  • Install and test signal construction projects