Track Positions

When joining the TTR track department, all new trainees start as a Track Person. Please see the list below of possible opportunities available at TTR.

Track Person

  • Maintains the track, switches and right-of-way within Electric Train Systems (ETS) standards
  • Works to complete the Maintenance-of-Way course to become a Track Maintainer

Track Maintainer

  • Maintains the track, switches and right-of-way within ETS standards
  • Has completed the Maintenance-of-Way course

Machine Operator

  • Operates and maintains the equipment
  • Different classification Levels can be held depending on the type of equipment operated:
    • Level 1: equipment includes the Crane
    • Level 2: equipment includes the Speed Swing, Boom Truck, PEM/LEM
    • Level 3: equipment includes the Backhoe, Snow Blower Truck
  • Operators must pass required training including training hours in the machine under the direction of a supervisor to receive a given classification Level

Level II Foreman

  • Protects the safe movement of trains throughout the USRC
  • Completes job briefs with contractors
  • Ensures ETS standards are met during any work completed on or around the tracks
  • Different classification levels (Level 1 & 2) can be held based on level of experience

Level III Foreman

  • Completes the same duties as a Flagman, but has passed foreman training, CN Engineering training, and the CP CROR training

Track Maintenance Foreman

  • Plans, organizes and directs track maintenance forces
  • Ensures vehicles and tools are operated and maintained in a safe condition
  • Ensures all required documentation is submitted

Assistant Track Maintenance Foreman

  • Lead hand to the Track Maintenance Foreman

Welder Foreman

  • Plan, organize, and direct welder engaged in day-to-day activity
  • Ensure vehicles and tools are operated and maintained in a safe condition
  • Perform welding, grinding and other duties


  • Assists the Foreman with his/her duties
  • Recognizes the condition of track, turnouts and diamond crossings and takes action to correct a problem, and insure the integrity of the structure to allow rail traffic
  • Maintains the running surfaces on switches and joints
  • Rebuilds frogs and points